Best Trends, According to Angeli and I

As promised, this week we’ll look at the best male trends, as of late, according to the president of University Fashion Group at the University of Texas at Austin, Angeli Aguilera, and I.

Angeli and I working backstage at NYFW S/S 2013 (Zoe Patterson)

On top of being the president of UFG, Angeli is also a studying Marketing in the McCombs School of Business, and has taken place in several fashion internships, including an internship with Macy’s.

When I sat down with Angeli, we discussed men’s fashion trends, and she was kind enough to share with me a few of her favorites. She begins, “My favorite male trends in the past few years have definitely been as with females, the ability to incorporate layers. For example, I have really loved chunky sweaters, maroon colored pants, loafers, the pant cuff rolled up sensation, the geeky hipster glasses, etc.” (Sounds like a girl after my own heart, eh?)

She finishes, “In short, I really like the musician/collegiate look: shades of navy, bow ties and ties under sweater vests, denim button ups and leather messenger bags.”

Hipster/Collegiate Look (

I think it’s safe to say that Angeli is intrigued by so called “hipster style.” Austin has gotten to this California native.

Angeli’s opinion of her favorite male trends is definitely on point with my own personal style and favorite trends as well.

One of my recent favorite trends among men’s fashion would be the bright or decorative sock trend.

These pictures show excellent ways to pull this new look off.

In the first picture, the men are seen wearing colored slacks (which I also love) with their colorful socks. This is a simple way to stay a little more dressed up and incorporate this trend into your outfit.

The second picture shows a group of gentlemen wearing business suits sitting in a row with their rather bold pink and blue socks. This look shows a way to incorporate this trend into your outfit by making a black, boring business suit fun, while keeping it classy and showing you pay attention to fashion.

The last picture depicts how I personally practice this trend: with a simple pair of cuffed jeans. This is the easiest and most casual way to pull of this trend, and I’m all about it. Worn with a great pair of brown shoes, or even some Vans, a great pair of socks can complete any simple pair of jeans.

As of now, these are my favorite trends for men’s fashion, and I believe these are some of the more affordable ways to have style without breaking your bank. Anyone can pull off a “geeky/hipster” look, and most of these items described above can even be found at second-hand stores for much less than their original prices!

Once again, it’s been a pleasure,



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